3D Anamorphic Print

Designed to draw huge attention as are so different from the norm our Anamorphic 3D floor or wall graphics are ideal for campaigns and promotions requiring that extra dimension. Like all our graphics materials 3D graphics are suitable for an indoor and outdoor application, and areas of very high footfall also. Our experts will guide you to ensure the best results for your campaign whether it be in retail, experiential or exhibition environments.

Other than a place to put shelves or merchandising units etc,  floors are a necessity for us to walk on but also a huge opportunity for advertising, we all walk around looking at signage and advertising messages higher than us but we also HAVE to look at the floor all the time so we don’t trip over something, why not brand areas of floor with something so different it will completaly grab people’s attention with whatever you want on it….they will also tell colleagues/friends etc to go and have a look, think something so relatively simple and inexpensive for so much more increased awareness!


3D Hologram Displayer are simple to install and operate, cost-effective. The magic happens once the switch is flipped on, 3D visuals appear to float in the air, enthral , draw lingering crowds, perfect advertising solutions to businesses, 

Our 3D  holographic fan is the newest and best advertising display for shopping malls, clothes stores, restaurants, museums and any other display area. Just simply copy any black background video into it, it will bring a vivid 3d advertising display in the air.


1.Low price
2.high quality
3.Small space occupation
4.Easy installation
5.Large size 3D holographic image effect


3D Models

Big 3D product replicas for marketing purposes. The thing is, these aren’t 3D manufactured as we’ve come to understand it they are photo-realistic looking products made of dye-sublimation printed fire rated washable stretch fabric covering a lightweight frame. They are supplied flat packed with easy assembly kits, and they can be recycled. The graphic on the frame can even be changed because the graphic has a zipper! These reality bending ‘sculptures’ are a fraction of the cost of 3D manufactured objects, are easy to ship and put together, and can be used for myriad purposes. There’s even a ‘vending’ option that allows for shelving to be placed within the 3D replica bottle, or whatever so that it can be used as an FSDU.

So why isn’t everybody doing it? Because the print isn’t the hard bit. the clever bit is the software that allows a 2D image of a product to be turned into the large-scale photo-realistic 3D replica. That software, which is patent pending, has been developed.

“Anyone can print the fabric and cut the parts to make the 3D structures,” “But getting the graphic to the point where it is usable for a 3D replica is very, very clever.